Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Effective ways to optimize your landing page design

A web page design gives the main graphical overview to your potential customers about the products and services you are offering. It also strengthens your products’ exceptional advantages and delivers your message rapidly. It is the most crucial component of boosting your business sales via your web. Whenever users click on your landing pages designs suddenly, they should be guided in a proper way so that they would be able to take the required action without having  to collect any specific info.
You can optimize your landing page design in several ways. If the landing page design does not give you the required conversion rate, then you probably need to tell your potential clients what benefits they can get from your products and services. You will have only eight to ten seconds to convince your visitor. The following tips will assist you to avoid most of the general mistakes that graphic designers usually make while developing their landing page designs.

Make the cursor prepopulate in text field
If you utilize a web page form you would like your potential clients to enter their personal info, an effective method to boost the sale conversions will be to make the cursor prepopulate in the primary text field. This feature will influence the visitor’s activity on your web page form and will assist you to convert more users into your subscribers.

Keep it brief
You may also boost your click through rate by just requesting less info from your customer on your landing page form. Your potential buyers usually would not like to give response if you request lots of unnecessary info. Therefore, you just need to ask for only necessary info from your user so that you can come up with a mailing list for your online marketing campaigns.

Add client testimonials
Another effective technique to grab the visitors’ attention is to add you client testimonials on your lead capture page designs. This is the effective method of developing trust with your potential buyers. In this way you would not have to rely on your existing clients.

Use attractive Images
If you add some attractive images next to the call-to-action button, more potential buyers would like to click on them. Users would like to see these images and signs and will feel comfortable. In reality, these images and symbols will play an effective role in building trust with your customers and increase the click through rate.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

How to Check Whether landing page design is effective or not

There are many ways by following which one can easily come up with a landing page design that provides desired lead generation and the conversion rate. However, prior to launching a landing page in an online market, one is required to check that whether the page will turn out to be user-friendly and effective for the targeted online visitors or not. There are many ways to check that whether your landing page will meet the expectation or not. However, one of the most effective ways to evaluate that whether your page will turn out to be effective or not is that you find any friend, relative or any person whom you know and who has sufficient knowledge about the computer technologies. Prior to launching the landing page, ask that person to sit in front of the computer screen and observe the landing page. If he effectively and easily read through your landing page contents and easily understands each and every aspect of your landing page, then the good news is that you have come up with an effective user-friendly landing page design which your visitors will be able to easily follow and understand. By way of contrast, if he identifies this implementation as a bit complicated and multifaceted and he is unable to properly read through it, then it is time to return to the design table and rework to come up with any other effective idea for the landing page design. Keep in mind that, 75% of all online web users are just like the person that you have found to check your landing page design.

The single objective of landing page optimization is to grab the attention of as many people as possible from every background in an attempt to capitalize on a website offering. Artistic landing page design is not required to take a back seat in the landing page optimization procedure. In reality, the artistic part turns out to be more concentrated on a suitably optimized landing page. Artistic and resourceful means to establish and demonstrate a site's offerings in a humble and a beautifully attractive way can turn out to be the decisive factor in innovative appearance. Loud high-tech tactics to landing page optimization can turn out to be practical in positive procedures of straight marketing in precise market sections, but the law of straightforwardness in landing page optimization is the governing factor. Always remember that an aim of a best landing page optimization is to meet the demands of your targeted online visitors.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Five guidelines for developing highly successful Landing Pages

It is very crucial for internet advertisers come up with a highly effective landing page design, so that potential clients clicking on your banner ad or email link will be easily convinced to provide the related info that will finally boost your conversions. You need to take into consideration the following points in order to improve your design.

Create user-friendly landing page designs:
In order to create a simple, clear and easy to understand lead capture page, the color scheme on your landing pages should always cope with the overall appearance of your internet site. When visitors navigate between your lead capture page design and your main website page, it must give a feeling of a natural advancement. If you want to build a mobile landing page, you should ensure to merge all of the text, photos and copy that is normally shown leftward and rightward of a landing page and move them to the midpoint of your design area. Adding social media buttons on your landing page will be also beneficial. If incorporated as a social media widget, your visitors will be able to obtain some views from other clients as well.

Create a Copy with the intention of exploring:
An effective page copy is vital to your potential customer for an optimistic consumer experience. The more page copy you utilize relevant to the keywords and ad copy you have been displaying during your internet marketing campaign, the less you would need to funds for search engine advertisements. An effective ad copy is also an important aspect that many search engines utilize in their search algorithm to assign a rank in search results pages. In the end, it is very crucial to uphold a reliable message from your demonstration or exploration ads to your landing page designs.

Use Images & Video
Images and video are very crucial to a specific level for the landing page design, as they can boost user commitment and make a private linking with consumers. But it is better to not make use of images and videos just for the sake of it, or make a mess with landing pages by adding a huge amount of images and videos. Images and videos are required to be a great part of your landing page policy, not the entire concentration.