Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Effective ways to optimize your landing page design

A web page design gives the main graphical overview to your potential customers about the products and services you are offering. It also strengthens your products’ exceptional advantages and delivers your message rapidly. It is the most crucial component of boosting your business sales via your web. Whenever users click on your landing pages designs suddenly, they should be guided in a proper way so that they would be able to take the required action without having  to collect any specific info.
You can optimize your landing page design in several ways. If the landing page design does not give you the required conversion rate, then you probably need to tell your potential clients what benefits they can get from your products and services. You will have only eight to ten seconds to convince your visitor. The following tips will assist you to avoid most of the general mistakes that graphic designers usually make while developing their landing page designs.

Make the cursor prepopulate in text field
If you utilize a web page form you would like your potential clients to enter their personal info, an effective method to boost the sale conversions will be to make the cursor prepopulate in the primary text field. This feature will influence the visitor’s activity on your web page form and will assist you to convert more users into your subscribers.

Keep it brief
You may also boost your click through rate by just requesting less info from your customer on your landing page form. Your potential buyers usually would not like to give response if you request lots of unnecessary info. Therefore, you just need to ask for only necessary info from your user so that you can come up with a mailing list for your online marketing campaigns.

Add client testimonials
Another effective technique to grab the visitors’ attention is to add you client testimonials on your lead capture page designs. This is the effective method of developing trust with your potential buyers. In this way you would not have to rely on your existing clients.

Use attractive Images
If you add some attractive images next to the call-to-action button, more potential buyers would like to click on them. Users would like to see these images and signs and will feel comfortable. In reality, these images and symbols will play an effective role in building trust with your customers and increase the click through rate.

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