Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Get more conversions with an optimized landing page design

You should not think of the landing page designs as the normal web pages that provide all the necessary info about your business to your valued clients. In reality, they are the webpages where your potential buyers come to get the details about your business and with an objective of buying your products or services. If you have enough knowledge of how to come up with a perfect landing page design, you would be able to improve your click through rate for the required action. The below mentioned a few important points that can help you develop effective landing page designs and boost your business sales.

Focus on your Call-to-Action (CTA)
A call-to-action accurately convinces and requests the potential buyers to take a particular and required action. For instance, your landing page may contain a call-to-action for subscription to your mailing list. A call-to-action normally requires a click on a button or a link that is added on any web page where your visitors land or it may also require entering some specific info on your landing page form.

In order to come with powerful landing page design, you must utilize attractive headings in your landing page content. Headings deliver the primary message to your potential customers about what they would get on your landing page design. Headings must be used for just one purpose i.e. to grab the attention of your website users to stay on your lead capture page. Every time you create your landing page headings, just ensure that the headings are eye-catching enough and make your potential buyers keep going through your landing page text.
Keep it simple

The landing page designs attract more visitors if they are simple. You potential customer normally get irritated when they see a complex or over-filled landing page, therefore they may not stay on such web pages. The landing page message needs to be understandable and only the related info should be added.

Keep it relevant
As you know well, your potential buyers will be visiting your landing page design from some specific source. Therefore, your landing page design should contain the info related to that particular origin. For example, if your banner ad says that by hitting it, the users will be able to buy the new headphones for very low price, then your landing page design must be offering headphones at cheap rates. In short, the relevance is the ultimate key to your high conversion rate.

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