Wednesday, 10 July 2013

How to come up with high-quality landing page design

If you are planning to develop a commercial website to sell your products and services online, then probably you would like to know about the awesome landing page designs that will help greatly to convert your target audience into your valued clients.

The landing page designs are the pages that show up as a result of clicking on a banner ad or a marketing email link. The lead capture page designs are normally developed to show the ad copy to visitors who land on your landing page design when they click on any online ad, search engine results or advertising links.

How to build a lead capture landing page design?

Pay attention to the action:

You need to observe every move of your potential clients as they visit your landing page design. You should keep an eye on them unless they take the action you need them to take on your landing page design. Most probably you will be requiring them to do the following things during they are on your lead capture page design:

  • Buy your products and services online
  • Sign up for your weekly or daily bulletin. You need to develop an email list for your marketing campaign; there you should motivate them to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Avail the various offers and promotions made on the website
  • Share your offers and promotions for products and services using social media network such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Request a trial for your product before they buy it.
Similarly, there would be a number of other actions you would like your visitors to take depending on your products and services that you offer. You must keep in mind that you need to pay all your attention on just a single action. When visitors get confused with the content of your landing pagedesign, it requires just a single click to move away from your landing pagedesign.

Clear Call-to-Action Button:

You must create a prominent and clear call-to-action button. You should not write ‘SUBMIT’ on the call-to-action button. You should explain them precisely what is going to happen when they decide to accept your offer and click the call-to-action button.

A perfect landing page design:

An eye-catching landing page design is an essential component to get higherconversion rate. You should eliminate all needless buttons, reduce the font size of the content at the lower part of the landing page, and let your potential customers pay more attention on your selling products and services.

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